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Japan has over 2700 thousands of golf courses, some being world-class and some being very much on the budget end. Getting out of Tokyo for a round or two can help your game but can also be relaxing when you get the big city blues. We have included a list of 10 Tokyo Area Golf Courses.

 Golf Courses Near Tokyo

The Windsor Park Golf and Country Club – Ibaraki

This is a budget-friendly course (for Japan) but is classy and very well maintained. It’s an hours drive along one of the biggest highways in Japan (Joban) located in the Ibaraki area, which is very green and mountainous, lush in spring and summer and has the typical yellow grass we see in Japanese winters. Its a par 72, 18 holes and will satisfy any level, from novice to expert. Location: 3473 Shiogo, Shirosato-machi, Higashi-Ibaraki-gun, Ibaraki Access: JR Joban Line Fresh-Hitachi Express Train, A shuttle bus runs from Tomobe Station to the Club House. Please make reservations for the shuttle bus in advance. Shuttle Bus Booking Google Maps

Gotemba Golf Club

Gotemba Golf Club is located in Shizuoka, close to the iconic Mt. Fuji. It is world-renowned for its lush green facilities, amazing views and is an extremely popular choice for amateurs and professionals (and celebrities). The views take in Mt. Fuji and the pacific ocean, making it a great scenic place. VIP service, the hotel is great and the food is top-notch. Tip: Have your concierge book in advance if you are staying at a hotel, or call or email them as early as possible because it is extremely popular when the weather is good. For a detailed explanation and review, please check the Golf in Japan site. Location:  2924-2 Koyama, Gotemba-shi, Shizuoka Access: From Airport HANEDA 90minutes/120km. NARITA 150minutes/180km From Railway Station Online Reservation (Japanese Only) Google Maps

Great Island Club

Great Island Golf Club is an 18 hole, 72 par course that was designed in 1972, during the boom time of Japanese golf. It has been updated but still has that old clubhouse feeling and is extremely popular with Japanese and foreign players. Beautifully built, exceptional style and lush flowing greens it is a great place to impress and entertain, the service is top-notch and facilities world-class. For a detailed explanation and review, please check the Golf in Japan site. Location: 1782 Satsubo, Chonan-machi, Chosei-gun Chiba 297-0145 Access: JR Tokyo Station (JR Tobo Line Limited Express, approx. 60 minutes) → JR Mobara Station (approximately 30 minutes by car from Mobara Station South Exit) ※ You can get picked up at the shuttle bus dedicated to the club to Mobara Station south exit. Please make a reservation in advance. Google Maps

Moonlake Golf Club

Located close on the east side of Tokyo bay, Moonlake Golf Club is a favorite for amateurs and professionals. Part to the Pacific Golf Management company, it is extremely well maintained and has exceptional services and staff. If you are staying at a hotel, please have your concierge call and make a booking and organize transportation (no English help sorry), but once you are there there is no problems getting around. They have a night course which is well lit and popular in summer. For a detailed explanation and review, please check the Golf in Japan site. Location: 1647 Nagao, Mobara-shi Chiba Access: Mobara Station, Bus #7, 43 min walk Google Maps

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Aqualine Golf ClubChiba

The 18 holes are considered easy for novices and beginners as they have no surprises. Only a comfortable 60 minutes away from Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kawasaki, strategically constructed using natural trees, and carefully laying out the bunkers and ponds. In particular, the four short holes have different flavors and stimulate most players. This is a great way to spend an afternoon or introduce new players to the game. Great facilities and friendly staff. This course is run by Accordia Golf companyLocation: 4345−3 Mariyatsu, Kisarazu, Chiba Access: JR Uchibo Line: About 30 minutes by taxi from Kisarazu Station Google Maps

Wakasu Golf Links – Koto City

This is an 18 hole course close to Tokyo that has a great view of the ocean and the buildings/skyline of Tokyo. Not an exceptionally difficult course but a fantastic close way to get some play in. Facilities: Holes/Par 18/72, Practice Range 20 bays, 200 yards. Location: 35 Wakasu, Koto-ku Tokyo Access: JR Keiyo Line · Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line · Tokyo Waterfront Expressway Rinkai Line · Get off at Shin-Kiba Station. Please use the following club bus from Shin-Kiba Station to our golf course, the bus leaves every 30 minutes, check here. Google Maps

Tokyo Kokusai Country Club – Machida

Tokyo Kokusai Country Club (C.C.) is located in Machida, the west side of Tokyo about a 30 to 45 min drive or train during peak traffic times. It is owned and operated by the Chateraise Group, which has about 20 courses across Japan, and also is a food and sweets manufacturer, so you know that the food and restaurants here will be good! Facilities: Holes/Par 18/72, Practice Range 15 bays, 200 yards. Location: 1668 Shimo-Oyamada-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo. Access: Karakida Station, Odakyu Line Google Maps

Hachioji Country Club

Close to Tokyo on the west side, Hachioji Country Club offers a great close and easy option to get a good game in. Facilities are good, the food is reasonable and not too expensive and the lush greens make you feel like your not so close to 30 million people. It is a popular overnight hotel option but bookings are essential in Spring and Summer. Facilities: Holes/Par 18/72, Practice Range 16 bays, 230 yards. Location: 2352 Kawaguchi-machi, Hachioji-shi Tokyo 193-0801. Access: Chuo Line or Keio Line to Hachioji Station, then take the bus or taxi, Bus Schedule Google Maps

Sakuragaoka Country Club

Sakuragaoka Country Club is located about 30 min away from Shibuya on the west side of Tokyo. It is not cheap but for a day trip or overnight experience, it won’t let you down! Facilities: Holes/Par 18/72, Practice Range 60 bays, 250 yards. Location: 2985 Renkoji, Tama, Tokyo. Access: Seiseki-Sakuragaoka Station, then take a bus or taxi, Bus Schedule Google Maps

Showanomori Golf Course

Also on the west side of Tokyo, this is a nice getaway for the afternoon and has good facilities and friendly staff. The clubhouse offers very reasonable food and has a cafe/bar. Great introduction course, but not cheap by Japan standards. Facilities: Holes/Par 18/72, Practice Range 240 bays, 400 yards. Location: 1-1-7 Tsutsujigaoka, Akishima-shi Tokyo Access: JR Ome Line “Akishima Station” Shuttle bus service from the north exit. Seibu Taijima Line “Seibu Tachikawa Station” About 10 minutes on foot from the south exit. Google Maps

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For a complete guide and rundown of Japanese golf courses, check the Golf in Japan website. For booking (in English), try JTB Golf, Golf Savers, and Air Golf. For booking in Japanese use Rakuten, you can try Google translate. 

Check out this video for an overview of golf in Japan here.

Golf Courses Near Tokyo
Golf Courses Near Tokyo

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