Outlet Parks and Malls Around Tokyo

Outlet Parks and Malls Around Tokyo
Lady Shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlet near Tokyo

Outlet Parks and Malls Around Tokyo offer premium discounts and savings for serious shoppers. These large shopping centers, malls, and parks have all of the popular international and Japanese retail brands. Shoppers can get discounts and sales deals on their favorite brand named clothing, accessories, sporting goods, home furnishings and more. Most of the stores also offer a duty-free 10% tax refund for international travelers to Japan, so bring your passport. Please take a look at the websites of the outlet shopping malls and check if your favorite brands have a store at the outlet. Here is a list of Outlet Parks and Malls Around Tokyo.

Outlet Parks and Malls Around Tokyo
Outlet products may not be of the same quality as those found in normal stores

Outlet Parks and Malls around Tokyo

Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari

Mitsui Outlet Park Makuhari is located close to Tokyo in nearby Chiba. This premium outlet mall has around 140 shops. Location: 2-6-1 Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Train Access: Kaihimmakuhari Station Google Maps

Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma

Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma outlet mall is north of Ikebukuro in Saitama, located about an hour by train from Tokyo. This shopping outlet mall has about 210 shops. Location: 3169-1 Miyadera, Iruma City, Saitama Train Access: Irumashi Station, Bus 40, 15 minutes ride Google Maps

Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa

Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa outlet mall is designed to look like a Southern French village. It’s about a 40-minute train ride from Shinjuku Station. This shopping outlet has about 110 stores. Location: 1-600 Minamiosawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo Train Access: Minami-Osawa Station, a few min walk Google Maps

Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu

Kisarazu outlet shopping mall is located over the Tokyo Bay in Chiba. This outlet has over 200 shops. Location: 3-1-1 Kaneda-Higashi, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba Access: Kisarazukaneda BT Bus Stop, 20 min walk Google Maps

Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside ( *Open 4/10 2020)

This outlet is currently under construction. It is located Yokohama area and is a 17 min train ride from Yokohama station. There will be a marina and large outdoor facilities. Expected to be open on April 10, 2020.

Outlet Parks and Malls Around Tokyo
Outlet Parks and Malls offer significant savings for serious shoppers

Gotemba Premium Outlets

Gotemba Premium Outlets in Shizuoka Prefecture is located near Mt. Fuji, and it is very popular. They have over 200 shops, making this is one of Japan’s largest outlet malls. As it is close to Tokyo, it is alway busy with international tourists. It has a great view of Mt. Fuji. Location: 1312, Fukasawa, Gotemba-Shi, Shizuoka Train Access: Gotemba Station, Free shuttle bus Google Maps

Shisui Premium Outlets

Shisui Premium Outlets has a large selection of Japanese brands. This outlet mall has about 180 stores. It is about 15 min away from Narita airport. Location: 2-4-1, Iizumi, Shisui-machi, Inba-gun, Chiba Access: Hakkonosatokozaki Bus Stop, 25 min Google Maps

Sano Premium Outlets

Sano Premium Outlets is located near the scenic Mt. Mikamo. This outlet mall is modeled after an American east coast city shopping setting. There are about 170 stores at this outlet mall. Location: 2058, Koena-cho, Sano-Shi, Tochigi Access: Sanoshintoshi BT (Naru), a few min walk Google Maps

Ami Premium Outlets

Ami Premium Outlets mall in Ibaraki is popular with families and they have a nice children’s play area. There are about 150 stores at this outlet mall. Location: 4 Chome-1-1 Yoshiwara, Ami, Inashiki District, Ibaraki Train Access: Arakawaoki Eki, Higashiguchi Bus Stop, 20 min ride Google Maps

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza is a very large outlet shopping mall set in the middle of nature, a lake and its very scenic. There are about 235 stores at this outlet. Location: Karuizawa, Kitasaku District, Nagano 389-0102 Train Access: Karuizawa Station, 3 min walk Google Maps

Venus Fort

Venus Fort outlet mall is located on the Odaiba island in southern Tokyo. This outlet mall is relatively small compared to other outlet malls, but it still has about 50 shops. The third floor of the mall is all premium outlet stores. There is also a variety of other shopping options nearby. Location: 1 Chome-3-15 Aomi, Koto City, Tokyo Train Access: Tokyo Teleport Station, a few min walk Google Maps

Grandberry Park Minami Machida

Grandberry Park Minami Machida is located about 40 minutes away from Shibuya on the train. This outlet mall incorporates a Southern Californian theme and has about 60 stores. Location: 3 Chome-4-1 Tsuruma, Machida Train Access: Minami-Machida Station Google Maps

LakeTown Outlet

LakeTown Outlet is located about an hour north of Tokyo, in Saitama. This is a shopping center next to a lake surrounded by nature. There are over 140 stores at this outlet mall. Location: 4 Chome Lake Town, Koshigaya, Saitama Train Access: Koshigaya-Laketown Station, 7 min walk Google Maps

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