Tokyo Cafes & Coffee Chain Restaurants

Tokyo Cafes Coffee Chain Restaurants
Japanese woman enjoying a cup of hot Japanese coffee at a Cafe in Tokyo

Tokyo Cafes & Coffee Chain Restaurants are renowned for their quality and service. The city of Tokyo is filled with cafes & coffee shops and they are extremely popular. They serve various kinds of Japanese-style snacks, meals, and sweets to go along with refreshments. The cafes & coffee shops in Tokyo usually offer free WI-FI service and are extremely comfortable places to relax and spend some time or to meet with friends. Here is a list of Tokyo Cafes & Coffee Chain Restaurants.

Tokyo Area Cafe & Coffee Chain Restaurants


Doutor cafes are very popular in Tokyo and there are many locations all over the city, usually around train stations and landmarks. Doutor is the gold standard for affordable Japanese coffee shops. They offer a simple but delicious snack and food menu, and fast service in a casual setting. Location

Tokyo Cafes Doutor
Doutor Shinagawa
Tokyo Cafes Doutor Menu
Doutor Coffee Menu

Cafe Colorado

Cafe Colorado coffee shops are part of the Doutor Cafe Group. They are simple, fast and provide a relaxed atmosphere for customers to enjoy their refreshments, snacks, and sweets. Location

Excelsior Cafe

Excelsior Cafe coffee shops are also part of the Doutor Cafe Group. This is an upper-class coffee shop with nice interior designs, craft coffees, and a well-developed food and alcohol menu. Location

Becks Coffee Shop

Beck’s coffee shops are located at or around the JR train stations. They provide a casual Japanese coffee experience and they are reasonably priced and convenient. Location

Moriva Coffee

Moriva coffee shops have shops all around the Tokyo area and they are usually located next to train stations. They offer good quality coffees, food, and snacks menu in a casual setting. Location

Ginza Renoir

Ginza Renoir coffee shops are upscale cafe establishments around the Tokyo area. They provide a nice and comfortable atmosphere for the customers to relax and enjoy refreshments and snacks. Ginza Renoir coffee is famous for the honey french toast, drip coffee, and is a preferred meeting spot for businessmen and elderly Japanese. Location


NEW YORKER’s CAFE is part of the Ginza Renoir cafe group. This is a Japanese-style cafe with a creative collection of Japanese refreshments, snacks, foods, and deserts menu. Location

Miyama Coffee

Miyama Coffee shops are part of the Ginza Renoir cafe group. These are nice affordable coffee shops and they have good Japanese cafe-style drinks, snacks, meals, and deserts menu. Location


Pronto coffee shops are very popular and there are stores all over the Tokyo area. This cafe is a casual and affordable coffee shop and has a revolving seasonal menu to go with their refreshments. Location

Pronto Cafe & Bar Ginza
Pronto Cafe & Bar Ginza


Cafe de Crie cafes are located throughout the Tokyo area and it is a casual place to enjoy a refreshment or other kinds of Japanese styled menu snacks, meals, and desserts. Location

St. Marc Cafe 

St Marcs Cafe is a cafe that is modeled after a French cafe atmosphere. They have all the standard coffees and they specialize in choco croissants, breads, and sweets. Location

Caffe Veloce

Caffe Veloce coffee shops are very popular in the Tokyo area. They are casual and affordable and they provide a full range of coffees, snacks, sandwiches, and sweets. Location

Hoshino Coffee

Hoshino coffee shop is a nice mid-range coffee shop. This shop provides a Japanese coffee shop experience with all the usual accompaniments. Location


Kohikan coffee shops are a nationwide chain restaurant with many locations in Tokyo. They specialize in a Japanese style of coffees using a charcoal coffee bean roasting process that creates a unique taste. They also offer a menu with a good variety of snacks, meals, and sweets. Location


Wired Cafe is a collection of different-styled cafe’s in the Tokyo area. Each of the Wired Cafe’s has its own individual character and atmosphere. They all have diverse menus and offer a wide range of foods and beverages. Location

Tokyo Cafes - Wired Cafe
Wired Cafe Shinagawa


Segafredo cafes are originally from Italy. This cafe has many outlets in the Tokyo area. They have a great selection of Italian coffees, foods, and deserts menu with many of the traditional Italian cafe favorites. Location


Starbucks cafes are world-famous and serve American-style coffees. The Starbucks cafes have their standard worldwide snack options and they serve Japanese seasonal special refreshments during the year. Location


Tully’s coffee shops are American-style cafes. They serve the standard American cafe refreshments and they have a menu of snacks, meals, and desserts in a nice relaxing atmosphere. Location

Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Cafe is an American-style upscale cafe. This coffee shop serves high-quality coffee from all over the world. Location

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