Tokyo Family Chain Restaurants

Gusto Steak - Kaki Fry / Fried Oyster Chicken Set
Gusto Steak - Kaki Fry or Fried Oyster Set Menu, Oyster season starts in October

There are many great Japanese and Western fusion family-style restaurants in Tokyo that can be found everywhere throughout the city. These family restaurants offer international food options, with Japanese influences to suit almost everyone’s tastes and represent good quality dining options. These “family restaurants” are reasonably priced, and children friendly, most offer WI-Fi access and are open 24 hours a day. Here is a list of Tokyo Family Chain Restaurants.

Tokyo Family Chain Restaurants


Gusto is the most popular family restaurant chain in Japan. It has a menu with a good variety of Japanese and International style food selections for the whole family and it is affordably priced. They have a large menu of Italian and Western dishes with a Japanese influence. They have Gusto Steak (steak and salad bars), Gusto, and Gusto Cafe-type stores. Locations

Gusto, small dishes and the menu

Royal Host

Royal Host is a popular family restaurant that has a more upscale Japanese-style menu that serves everything from pancakes to steak and lobster. The Royal Host menu changes seasonally and the prices are reasonable. It is popular with families and people wanting cake and coffee. Locations

Royal Host, Shinagawa.


Jonathan’s offers a Japanese family-style menu with all the Japanese standard dishes and dishes like pasta and pizza. The menu at Jonathan’s changes seasonally and is affordably priced. Locations


Located all over Tokyo and Japan, Saizeriya is a very popular restaurant. It is very cheap and has “all you can drink” options, popular with students who want to spend a little but drink a lot of coffee or soda. Saizeria’s food a mix of the usual Japanese family menu standards, along with many kinds of Italian food favorites such as pizza, pasta, and doria. Locations


Dennys Shinagawa

Denny’s is a Japanese family restaurant in Tokyo. However, they are nothing like the original Denny’s from the United States and you will not find any of the same menu choices. The Denny’s menu has only Japanese style foods or Japanese influenced dishes such as Japanese pasta and Japanese pizza. It is a great meeting spot for families and has large set menu options. Locations

Denny’s Chigasaki


Coco Curry House

Curry House CoCo is a popular family-style Japanese curry restaurant. Coco’s has a Japanese style morning, lunch, dinner and children’s curry menus. The menus will also change seasonally and its reasonably priced. If you have never experienced Japanese curry, Coco’s is the place to visit in Tokyo. Locations

Coco Curry House – Shimo-Kitazawa


Joyfull family restaurants have a Japanese style menu with all the standard Japanese favorites and set meal menus and the prices are very reasonable. Locations

Bikkuri Donkey

Bikkuri Donkey has a Japanese-style hamburger menu with a focus on various Japanese-style hamburger hot plate combinations. The prices are affordable. Locations

Bikkuri Donkey Hamburger Restaurant
Bikkuri Donkey Family Menu
Bikkuri Donkey Cheese Hamburg

Ringer Hut

Ringer Hut is a Japanese noodle-style family restaurant with a menu full of Champon and Sara udon noodle dishes and the usual Japanese food dishes and accompaniments like Gyoza Japanese Fried Rice. They have recently opened a “Tokyo Premium Ringer Hut” store in Ginza which is a little more high-end than the usual locations. Locations

Ringer Hut Premium Ginza

COCO’s Restaurant

COCO’s Restaurant is a good family restaurant that has many locations around Tokyo. COCO’s is a reasonably priced restaurant that has a menu of all the Japanese family’s favorite seasonal dishes. Locations

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