Tokyo Casual Chain Restaurants

Ohsho Plastic Menu - Shimo-Kitazawa_
Ohsho Plastic Menu - Shimo-Kitazawa

Tokyo is full of Japanese-style casual eating dining options that offer great quality and are reasonably priced. The Japanese casual chain restaurants can be considered fast food with exceptional service in a nice clean restaurant setting. Many Japanese casual dining places offer foods to eat inside or to take out. Everything revolves around the train stations in the city of Tokyo and the closer you get to them, the more choices of dining or eating options that you will have. Here is a list of Tokyo Casual Chain Restaurants.

Tokyo Casual Chain Restaurants

Japanese Curry

Coco Curry

Coco Curry House - Shimo-Kitazawa
Coco Curry House – Shimo-Kitazawa

Coco Curry is the most famous Japanese curry chain restaurant in Japan. Coco Curry has a large menu and the customer can choose from four levels of spiciness from normal which is sweet, to number 4 which is very hot. Locations

Go Go Curry

Go Go Curry is a popular Japanese curry chain restaurant. Go Go Curry has a simple Japanese curry menu and you can basically build your own curry meal just the way you like. Locations

C&C Curry Shop

C&C Curry Shop is a basic simple curry restaurant that has all the standard Japanese-style curry menu items and it’s very reasonably priced. Locations

Chinese Foods

Gyoza no Ohsho

Gyoza no Ohsho, or Ohsho as most people call it, is a popular Chinese-style chain restaurant. Ohsho is famous for its fresh on-site homemade Gyoza (Dumplings filled with minced pork and vegetables) and basic Chinese food favorites and set meals that are reasonably priced. Locations

Tokyo Casual Chain Restaurants
Gyoza no Ohsho – Shimo-Kitazawa
Tokyo Casual Chain Restaurants
Gyoza no Ohsho Menu – Shimo Kitazawa

Chinese Cafe 8

Chinese Cafe 8 is a popular upscale Chinese food chain restaurant. Chinese Cafe 8 has a menu with over 300 food selections. The Chinese Cafe 8 restaurants are also reasonably priced. Locations


Bamiyan is a popular Chinese-style family restaurant. Bamiyan serves a variety of Ramens, Hot Pots (Shabu Shabu), and other Chinese food favorites. Locations

Beef Bowls (Gyudon)


Yoshinoya is a very popular beef bowl chain restaurant in Japan. Yoshinoya beef bowls are so popular that they even sell frozen versions of their famous simmered beef. Yoshinoya also serves a good variety of other Japanese standard-set meals. Locations

Yoshinoya - Shinagawa
Yoshinoya – Shinagawa


Sukiya Curry Shinagawa
Sukiya Curry Shinagawa

Sukiya has the most beef bowl chain restaurants in Japan with over 2000 outlets. Sukiya offers all the standard beef bowl restaurant favorites. Locations

Sukiya Curry Shinagawa Plastic Food
Sukiya Curry Shinagawa Plastic Food


Matsuya is a chain restaurant that specializes in beef bowls and other Japanese set meal standards. The meals are quick and reasonably priced. Locations

Matsuya Tokyo
Matsuya Tokyo
Matsuya Menu
Matsuya Menu

BBQ Meats (Yakiniku)


Gyu-Kaku is the most popular Yakiniku chain restaurant in Japan with 625 restaurants in Japan. Gyu-Kaku offers Japanese-style Yakiniku grilled meats and vegetables and all the standards that go with Yakiniku. It is reasonably priced. Locations

Yakiniku King

Yakiniku King is a popular Yakiniku restaurant in Japan. Yakiniku King offers various all-you-can-eat specials. Yakiniku King offers meat lovers a place to eat all things Yakiniku in a timed setting. Locations

Japanese Set Meals


Tokyo Casual Chain Restaurants
Ootoya – Ginza

Ootoya restaurant offers a variety of casual Japanese foods and set menus with all the standard Japanese favorites and the menu changes a few times a year to reflect the seasonal foods of the year. Ootoya is a reasonably priced restaurant. Locations

Gyoza no Ohsho Menu - Shimo-Kitazawa_
Ootoya Menu – Ginza


Yayoi restaurant offers a variety of standard Japanese-style set meals. The Yayoi menu changes throughout the year and includes Japanese seasonal favorites. Yayoi has a reasonably priced menu. Locations


Tenya – Tempura

Tenya is the most popular tempura chain restaurant in Tokyo. Tenya serves many types of Japanese-style tempura dishes and seasonal favorites when in season. Tenya is a great place for tempura and it is reasonably priced. Locations

Nabezo – Hot Pots (Nabe)

Nabezo is a popular Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki chain restaurant in Japan. Nabezo offers a menu with meats and vegetables and all the standard favorites for a hot pot dining experience. Locations

Pepper Lunch – Steak Meals

Pepper Lunch is a fast-casual steak and hamburger chain restaurant that has 130 outlets in Japan. Pepper Lunch serves its meals on hot iron plates that help cook and keep warm the meals. Locations

Capricciosa – Italian Foods

Capricciosa is a popular Japanese-style Italian chain restaurant that has many outlets throughout Japan. Capricciosa is famous for serving large portions of their foods. Locations

Rakeru – Omelet Rice

Rakeru is a casual chain restaurant that specializes in Japanese-style omelets with seasoned rice. However, Rakeru has a full family-style menu with a diverse selection of comfort foods for the whole family. Locations

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