Tokyo Japanese Fast Food Chain Restaurants


Tokyo has its share of fast-food chain restaurants that cover most of the popular Japanese and international-style foods. Like other fast-food restaurants around the world, these Japanese chain restaurants have a simple menu, serve meals fast and at a reasonable price. Most of the fast-food places are eat in or take out. However, Bento outlets are usually only take-out. All of these fast-food chain restaurants are popular and they have many outlets around the Tokyo area. This is a list of Tokyo Japanese Fast Food Chain Restaurants.

Tokyo Japanese Fast Food Chain Restaurants

Hamburger Restaurants

Mos Burger

Mos Burger is the largest and most popular Japanese-style hamburger chain in Japan. It is a premium-priced fast food restaurant that offers interesting Japanese-style specials. Locations

Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger is a popular hamburger chain in Japan that provides Japanese-style crafted hamburgers. This is a premium-priced fast food restaurant. Locations


Lotteria is a Japanese-style hamburger shop that has many very interesting menu options. Lotteria is a reasonably priced fast food restaurant. Locations

Dom Dom

Dom Dom was the first hamburger fast-food chain to open in Japan. This shop has a menu of original Japanese-style hamburgers and sandwiches. Locations


Kuaina hamburger chain started in Hawaii with its original store but has since opened many branches in Japan. This is why we consider this a Japanese chain restaurant. Kuaina bills itself as a Hawaiian-style hamburger restaurant. Locations


Beckers have a large menu with breakfast, hamburgers, and other popular foods. Beckers restaurants are located at JR train stations around the Tokyo region. Locations

Wendy’s/First Kitchen

Wendy’s American fast-food giant and the Japanese restaurant chain First Kitchen formed a partnership. The combination stores now offer a limited Wendy’s and First Kitchen menu at the same locations. Locations

Bento Set Meals

Kitchen Origin

Kitchin Origin is a walk-in Bento store that offers a wide variety of Japanese foods. Customers have the option of order-to-go foods, pre-made meals, and a buffet of foods that can be purchased by weight or size. Locations

Hokka Hokka Tei

Hokka Hokka Tei is a Bento chain restaurant that has over 2000 outlets throughout Japan. This Bento restaurant offers a variety of Japanese-style foods that are generally served with rice as a meal. Locations

Hotto Motto

Hotto Motto is a popular Bento chain with outlets all over Japan. Hotto Motto has a menu with a good variety of Japanese-style foods that are usually served with rice. Locations


Chiyoda Sushi

Chiyoda Sushi is a popular take-out sushi chain that offers pre-made sushi meals in various combinations that are reasonably priced. Chiyoda Sushi has outlets located around train stations all around Tokyo. Locations


Pizza La

Pizza La is one of the largest take-out and delivery pizza restaurants in Japan. Pizza La has a large selection of Japanese-style pizzas and a fairly large diverse menu. Locations

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