Tokyo Parks Festivals Schedule

Tokyo Parks Festivals Schedule
Girl in Yukata - Summer Festival Yoyogi Tokyo

The city of Tokyo has many parks and there are some parks that have special events throughout the year. We have listed the most popular parks and the links to their event calendars. Here is a list of the Tokyo Parks Festivals Schedule.

Tokyo Parks Festivals Schedule
Yoga – Setagya Park Kids Festival

Tokyo Parks Festivals Schedule

Yoyogi Park Event Calendar

Yoyogi Park is one of the most well-known parks in Tokyo and it is located in western Tokyo. The Yoyogi Park Festivals are very popular in Tokyo and on almost every weekend there are cultural events, food festivals to second-hand clothing and flea markets. Location: Yoyogi Park Train Access: Harajuku Station, 5 min walk Google Maps

Hibiya Park Event Calendar

Hibiya Park is in central Tokyo and there are some large events at this park throughout the year. The most notable is its annual famous Octoberfest beer festival. Location: Hibiya Park Train Access: Hibiya Station, a few min walk Google Maps

Ueno Park Event Calendar

Ueno Park is a large park in northern Tokyo. This park has special events throughout the year and during the cherry blossom season, this park can be very busy. Location: Ueno Park Train Access: Ueno Station, 4 min walk Google Maps

Odaiba Event Calendar

Odaiba Island in southern Tokyo has a large entertainment and shopping district. There are some special events during the year and they attract large crowds. Location: Odaiba Train Access: Tokyo Teleport Station, 14 min walk Google Maps

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