Tokyo Popular Retail Chain Stores

Tokyo's Retail Chain Stores
Shibuya Mega Donki (Don Quijote)

There are many great retail chain shopping stores in Tokyo, covering all types of consumer products and shopping categories. The Japanese retail chain stores have many outlets located throughout Tokyo and the surrounding area. These stores are either stand-alone stores or within major department stores or shopping malls. While there is a long list to choose from, we have compiled the most popular retail chain stores that you should check out. These stores will have just about anything that a person might need, from food to furniture. Here is a list of Tokyo Popular Retail Chain Stores.

Tokyo Popular Retail Chain Stores

Tokyu Hands

The greatest all-in-one or one-stop store in Tokyo is Tokyu Hands. Tokyo Hands stores carry everything that is needed to build or repair anything you can find in a house or apartment. They sell wood, plastics, tools, nuts, and bolts, glues and tapes, lighting, and electrical goods. Just about anything under the sun that is needed in your everyday craft life can be found at Tokyu Hands. Tokyo Hands is by far number 1 of all Tokyo’s Retail Chain Stores.

Tokyu Hands Pastel Pens
Tokyu Hands Pastel Pens Selection

The Tokyu Hands stores are truly an amazing wonder where you can find anything here under one roof. Literally! The Tokyu Hands are not the cheapest store in Tokyo. But, they are very convenient and they have everything that a person might need in one place. The most famous and most visited store is the Tokyu Hands Shibuya store. This mega-store boasts over 21 levels (see the floor guide here), making it a great place for gift shopping Locations

Don Quijote (Donki)

The Don Quijote stores are locally known in Japan as “Donki.” Donki is one of the most popular retail chain stores in Japan. The stores are located all around the city of Tokyo and they come in many sizes. Donki stores are priced very competitively and are fun stores for adults and children. They sell a wide selection of everyday goods such as snacks, foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, electronics, and everyday household items. There are some larger Donki’s that also carry clothes, luxury goods, pet products, drugs and medications, and other goods. They have become a go-to shopping experience for tourists, especially Korean and Chinese, who go on organized shopping tours for discount Japanese cosmetics and household items. It is also a great place to find unique souvenirs.

Tokyo's Retail Chain Stores
Don Quijote – Mens Costumes Nakameguro
Tokyo's Retail Chain Stores
Don Quijote Nakameguro – Happy Shopper

The Roppongi Donki is famous for its 24-hour shopping and after midnight it is full of a very interesting mix of shoppers. Donki is a great place to shop in Tokyo, and it’s a fantastic Japanese shopping experience! Locations

Tokyo's Retail Chain Stores
Don Quijote – Food Nakameguro

Kaldi Coffee Farm

Almost everyone who lives in Tokyo will agree that Kaldi Coffee Farm (Kaldi) is one of the most popular import food stores. They are usually located close to train stations or inside shopping malls and department stores. Kaldi is famous for providing small, free cups of coffee to its customers as they enter the store. Kaldi offers a great variety of imported food products that cannot be found in other stores. The chain stocks items like pasta and sauces from Italy, chocolates from Belgium, curies from Thailand, packaged noodles from Vietnam, popcorn, potato chips and condiments from the United States. Kaldi sells many kinds of coffee, wine, and cheese from around the world. Locations

Kaldi Coffee Farm


Hanamasa is a discount supermarket chain that sells a large variety of food products, in bulk or large serving sizes. The stores can be found all over Tokyo and are popular with locals and foreigners. This is due to the extremely cheap price and large servings, making it very attractive for families. The stores carry many kinds of meats, fish and seafood, vegetables, cheese and dairy products, frozen foods, condiments, canned goods, snacks, alcoholic beverages, and other everyday staples. Most of the Hanamasa products are Japanese, but it also carries some imported food products and wines from around the world. Hanamasa is popular with restaurants, the hospitality industry, and families. Hanamasa is the place to visit if you are cooking for a large group of people for a picnic at the park, or having a party. Locations


Muji is a popular store chain that sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods at affordable prices. At Muji, you can find kitchen and household appliances, common everyday clothing, bedroom linens, and a range of packaged food products and high quality ready-to-serve meals. Most of the products come in white, a simple brown, or natural color. The Muji Stores incorporate design minimalism with no brand logos, products wrapped in clear cellophane, and take-away brown paper bags with the distinctive red Muji label. Many of the Muji stores also have a Muji or Meal Cafe on site. Locations


Ikea is the Swedish superstore that is the world’s largest furniture retailer. It is famous for its ready-to-assemble, do it yourself furniture, kitchen appliances and a wide range of home accessories. The global mega-store sells its products cheap and it has just about anything that is needed in a house or bedroom. The company is also known for its popular food courts that serve a Swedish food menu with its famous meatballs and the foods are reasonably priced. Ikea has become a one-stop-shop for younger people and newlyweds who need to furnish their homes or apartment. Ikea in Japan sells fitted kitchens and bathrooms especially made for small Japanese houses. The direct competitors of Ikea in Japan are Nitori and Muji. Locations


Costco is the world-famous wholesale warehouse club that comes from the United States. It is the world’s largest seller of organic foods, choice and prime beef, rotisserie broiled chicken, and wine. At Costco, you can find just about everything in one place. There is a membership fee to shop at Costco and most of the products must be purchased in bulk form. The Costco food courts are legendary for their great food prices and their pizzas and hot dogs specials. On the weekends it is exceptionally busy, and on weekdays they have a lot more sample foods which can make the trip more enjoyable. Locations  


Nitori is the largest furniture and home furnishing chain in Japan. At Nitori stores you can find an amazing selection of home accessories that come in all price ranges from affordable to more expensive products. They have a large selection of beds and bedding, lounges, kitchen furniture, and carpeting/flooring. Nitori stores are always large and multi-story, making it extremely convenient when moving as they sell everything you need for a new apartment or home. Many of the items can be ordered to fit, so if you need extra long curtains or extra dark wallpaper, you can order them at Nitori. These stores are conveniently located and they are a great place to find anything needed for your home. Locations

Nitori Nakameguro

Create Drug Stores

Create stores are marketed as Japanese super drug stores. The stores come in many sizes and they are located all over Tokyo and across Japan. Create stores are very popular and they have good prices. Create offers a wide range of products that include the basic common drugs or medications, cosmetics, daily household goods, and a good selection of foods, snacks, and beverages. The stores in major cities like Shibuya and Shinjuku are always full of tourists, who come for discounted Japanese cosmetics and health supplements. Locations

100 Yen Stores (¥100 Shops)

In Tokyo, the 100 yen (¥100 or $1) stores are amazing places where you can find a wide selection of cheap everyday goods. 100 yen stores come in all sizes and there are stores located everywhere throughout Tokyo and all over Japan. These stores are generally located nearby train stations.

Daiso is the most popular chain 100 yen store. Daiso has over 2800 stores in Japan and 4000 $1 stores all over the world. Some of the 100 yen stores also carry other products that are priced above 100 yen, usually 300 yen and 500 yen. 100 yen stores are a great place to get small items, household goods, gardening tools, picnic supplies, plastics, and many other everyday items. They are extremely popular with tourists for gift shopping as they are guaranteed to have something for anyone. The Daiso Shop in Harajuku is a very large store and the most well-known 100 yen store in Tokyo, for visitors and locals. Located all over Tokyo

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