Tonkatsu Chain Restaurants in Tokyo

Tonkatsu Chain Restaurants in Tokyo
Freshly cooked Tonkatsu with Japanese Worchester Sauce

Tonkatsu Chain Restaurants in Tokyo can be considered a “must-visit” option food-loving tourists, and are extremely popular with locals. Tonkatsu is a crunchy, breaded, deep-fried/tempura style pork cutlet. It is centered around a large cut of pork, which is breaded in panko (bread crumbs), and deep-fried in a way similar to tempura. It is usually served with Japanese style Worchester sauce, rice, and liberally garnished with cabbage. Often served with mustard, it is a heavy dish that has sweet, sour and crunchy fried meat tastes. Here are the most popular Tonkatsu Chain Restaurants in Tokyo.

Tonkatsu Chain Restaurants in Tokyo
Freshly cooked Tonkatsu

Tonkatsu (Deep Fried Pork Cutlets) Restaurants


Wako has the most Tonkatsu outlets in the Tokyo area with around 200 restaurants. Waco has the standard Tonkatsu set menu that revolves around Tonkatsu pork cutlets and the usual Japanese style accompaniments. Locations


Katsuya has several Tonkatsu restaurants in the Tokyo area. This well known Tonkatsu restaurant chain has the standard Japanese Tonkatsu restaurant menu and it is very popular for its reasonably priced menu and set meals. Locations

Tonkatsu Matsunoya

Tonkatsu Matsunoya is a popular Tonkatsu chain restaurant with many outlets in the Tokyo area. This restaurant chain has all the Japanese style Tonkatsu menu standards and the prices are great. Locations

Tonkatsu Chain Restaurants in Tokyo
Tonkatsu Menu and Signs, Shinagawa, Tokyo ⓒ Tokyo Live


Saboten Tonkatsu restaurant has outlets across Tokyo, with many in the Shinjuku area. This is a popular Tonkatsu restaurant serving all the standard Tonkatsu restaurant dishes. They also have all you can eat miso soup, rice, and cabbage along with the set meals. Locations


Maisen is a high-end Tonkatsu chain restaurant with several outlets in the Tokyo area. This is the premium-priced Tonkatsu restaurant with a large menu serving a variety of high-quality meals in a nice upscale environment. Locations

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